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Business owners, are you the best CEO you can be?


Stop Playing the Blame Game

Tag. You’re it. Blame game over. As the CEO, you’re the one ultimately responsible. Suck it up and realize that you make mistakes.  Not you?  Think again.

The SBA states that only 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50%during the first five years and 66% during the first 10.

Success Isn’t a Destination, It’s a Journey

You’re already on your journey. Do you know where you’re going, how to enjoy the journey and the best ways to get there?  And will “there” be the same place in 2, 5, 10 or 20 years?  Success isn’t what it’s about. After you’ve achieved success, where do you go?  CEOs who realize they have taken things as far as they can are successful. CEOs who want to accomplish goals are visionaries.   Which one will you be?

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You think you’re doing everything right to have the best business possible?  Think again. Take a peek at just some of the 51 Fatal Business Errors.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Trading Your Time For Money

A business should be much more than simply punching a clock and getting paid.  Super-successful business owners don’t get paid by the hour, they get paid by the idea. Learn to separate how hard you have to work from how much money you make. Tweaking your business model can create an easier to run business that makes more money and allows you to work ON your business instead of IN it.

Flying Upside Down

Military pilots will tell you that they can fly upside down at high altitudes and only know they are upside down from their instruments.  In business, flying upside down is failure to monitor your KPI’s. Key Performance Indicatorsare your dashboard that keeps your business profitable and flying right-side up.

No Repeatable and Predictable Sales System

Most businesses use the sales system called “Don’t just stand there, sell something.”  Every business can create a predictable, repeatable, and highly profitable sales process.  Learn the 7 components to every great sales system.

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Wearing the Dog Collar

“Should, gotta, have to.” Every time you say one of these words you acknowledge the “collar” your business has on you.  These low impact activities that trap you are the “Dog Collar.”  Learn how to identify the Dog Collar and GET RID OF IT.

The Rising Tide Will Carry My Boat

When I don’t know what to do, I do nothing.  This slowing economy is scary, so I am staying put, cutting expenses, and waiting for President Trump to fix my issues.  Come on, you are better than that.  Turmoil brings opportunity.  Let us show you the seven options to successfully deal with a slowing economy and the five best opportunities to thrive in one.

Being Reasonable

There is nothing reasonable about deciding to run a business.  It is either one of the hardest low-paying jobs in the world or one of the easiest, high-paying ones. Being reasonable—accepting the normal, average and mediocre, is a sure way to make it hard and low paying. Try the other option, being unreasonable; expecting your people to give their very best, all of the time.

Hiring Your Competitor’s Rejects

Think of your two-best people.  Did you steal them from the competition or did “cream” rise to the top?  Cream, right?  Hiring supposedly qualified people from your competitors is typically a recipe for disaster.  Stop wasting your time and learn how to attract, train and retain the future superstars in your business.

Nobody Can Do It As Well As Me

Ever catch yourself thinking this?  “No one can do this as well as I can, and by the time I teach it to someone else, I could have had it done.”   As long as you are doing it instead of training someone else, you are the bottleneck to your company’s growth.  Figure out what you can stop doing, give away, or systematize to turbo-charge your growth.

Democracy Is Important In My Workplace

Servant leadership is a great thing if it WORKS. Your people are looking for a LEADER, not a servant.  Learn the 4 qualities of a benevolent dictator and ditch the kowtowing.

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I Bet You $1,000,000 You Can Make $1,000,000 More

For years, we have been touting accountability traps. That same fierce independence that makes you a fantastic entrepreneur makes you lousy at being held accountable.  You can’t hold yourself accountable, so learn 5 other ways to dial up your accountability and simultaneously dial up your profits.

My Business Should Be Worth More…

You’re right, it should be worth more, but it probably won’t be unless you employ two simple techniques to double or triple the value of your business.

I Wear 27 Hats  

Yep, you are the CFO, Operations Manager, Sales Manager, and Chief Bottle Washer. There’s a right, and profitable way to wear 27 hats and also a crazy, insane, low-paid way to wear those hats.  Learn the difference between the two and how to slip into the Emeritus Role for the easiest, best-paying job you have ever had.

Your Business Model WILL Fail

80% of your business’ success is accounted for by your business model.  However, even the best business models STOP working. Name a business that has been successful and not tweaked their model. You have to modify your model, or it stops working. Learn the 8 components of a great business model and how to improve yours.

My Expanded Vocabulary Frequently Includes “YaBut”

The word “YaBut” creeps into your conversations like a noxious weed, choking the life from your business.  Does this sound familiar?  “YA, this could work, BUT here’s why it won’t.” YaBut really is just another way to makeEXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES.  Start removing “YaBut” from your vocabulary.

I’m Not Any of These….I’m Mr./Ms. Perfect

Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back.  If you said, “well, that’s not me.”  Better change it to “that’s not me, so far.” There’s a lot more to consider besides the few points mentioned here.  If you want your business to progress, you’ll have to consider all 51 to really know if your Mr. or Ms. Perfect.

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Who Cares About a Positive Attitude in Business?

IMG 2953

As a CEO in business today, knowing the importance of setting the tone of your company is important.  Being a positive leader is not only important from a leadership standpoint, but also with respect to production. What you give, is what you will get. Attitude is the key to whether you will make your business successful or not.  If Joe the manager comes to work with a bad attitude, that will spread to the employees... can you imagine the level of production that would get done that day?  If not, then I'll tell you...None.  If Joe the manager is positive, things move in a better direction, not only with employees level of production but also with the positive reputation of the company.  As we know in business,"word of mouth" is an invaluable way to build production.  
When talking with managers, they often ask the question, "Why do my employees have such a bad attitude?"   My response to them's mostly a reflection of your management style, so let's take responsibility and fix it together. Sometimes fixing it can be as simple as an attitude adjustment, more communication or just a simple "thank you" when appropriate.  No matter what field of business you are in, having a positive attitude always pays off.  Business coaching can assist you with developing the positive attitude culture in your company.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

"It falls to managers to take responsibility for monitoring worker attitudes.   Managers are also responsible for modeling a positive attitude that will inspire workers to achieve.  Managers can also take action by working to eliminate the negative interactions that employees experience at work. One study by Andrew Miner and others found that a worker's mood was affected by a negative exchange with the boss five times more than by a positive exchange with the boss. So, managers should minimize their negative encounters with their direct reports and take actions to reduce the incidence of negative behaviors among their workers."  --Audra Bianca

Why Business Owners Must Slow Down to Speed Up

Slow Down To Speed Up Business Strategy

There is a term for wasting precious time buried in minutia; it’s called being ‘in the weeds.’ Sure, an over-grown garden isn’t beautiful to look at and does need tending, but how appealing is a pristine patch that’s located in the middle of a dense jungle - where no one will ever see it?

That’s the dilemma faced by many CEOs who spends an exorbitant amount of time putting out fires, cranking out widgets or chasing the next sell, only to look up eventually and find their business sinking, while their industry/competitors are moving full steam ahead.

An effective CEO’s primary responsibility is to develop and implement sound strategies that set the course for those employees whose job it is to till the soil, fertilize the crop and  - yes, dig up the weeds.  Here are three touchstones to ensure that you are setting your company up for success, and not spending your precious time buried in crabgrass!

  1.  Schedule Ongoing Time to Strategize– Developing business strategy has to be a priority, which means make these planning sessions a regular and planned part of your month or quarter. Waiting to ‘get around to it,’ won’t suffice since there will always be a more urgent task to perform or weed to pull. Make strategic planning a top priority.
  2. Slow Down to Speed Up– Chances are, if you continue doing the same thing the exact same way, that you will get the exact same results. However, if you want innovation and acceleration, it may be wise to slow things down, evaluate your course, then plan and execute course-corrections. Slowing down can be scary when you are sailing along at full speed, but it takes steely resolve to resist short-term speed for longer term objectives that lead to long term success. 
  3. Get Off the Grid– Take your core team away from the office, cell phones and emails for a full day to focus on one key element that will drive business growth and success. Your team members know your business better than anyone else (maybe even you!), but the day-to-day grind can be a hindrance to creative brainstorming and the sharing of innovative concepts that may prove to be low-hanging fruit that can drive short and long-term strategy and success.

Whether you sell financial services, yoga pants or widgets, strategic planning can make the difference between your business barely staying above water or full speed ahead. To optimize your business results, as CEO you will have to stay out of the weeds and make strategic planning your number one priority. Contact us, 360 Business Coach can help!

If you knew that your competitors engaged the smartest strategy consultant every year, would you just keep plugging away? …… Probably not.




Why Isn't Help a 4 Letter Word?

360 Biz Coach Sailboats

Why do we resist asking others for help? Does it mean that we are not strong, capable business leaders?

Why would we need help?  We are smart ... resourceful ... ambitious ... creative.  What else could we really need?  Do I really want to have a business coach?

I know that "things will get done faster" if I do them myself.  I know what I'm doing because I've "learned and practiced my art," right? 

As leaders, we are often used to operating very independently.  This can work very well for us, as well as the organizations we work with. However, I have learned it can also work against us! 

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