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Why Business Owners Must Slow Down to Speed Up

Slow Down To Speed Up Business Strategy

There is a term for wasting precious time buried in minutia; it’s called being ‘in the weeds.’ Sure, an over-grown garden isn’t beautiful to look at and does need tending, but how appealing is a pristine patch that’s located in the middle of a dense jungle - where no one will ever see it?

That’s the dilemma faced by many CEOs who spends an exorbitant amount of time putting out fires, cranking out widgets or chasing the next sell, only to look up eventually and find their business sinking, while their industry/competitors are moving full steam ahead.

An effective CEO’s primary responsibility is to develop and implement sound strategies that set the course for those employees whose job it is to till the soil, fertilize the crop and  - yes, dig up the weeds.  Here are three touchstones to ensure that you are setting your company up for success, and not spending your precious time buried in crabgrass!

  1.  Schedule Ongoing Time to Strategize– Developing business strategy has to be a priority, which means make these planning sessions a regular and planned part of your month or quarter. Waiting to ‘get around to it,’ won’t suffice since there will always be a more urgent task to perform or weed to pull. Make strategic planning a top priority.
  2. Slow Down to Speed Up– Chances are, if you continue doing the same thing the exact same way, that you will get the exact same results. However, if you want innovation and acceleration, it may be wise to slow things down, evaluate your course, then plan and execute course-corrections. Slowing down can be scary when you are sailing along at full speed, but it takes steely resolve to resist short-term speed for longer term objectives that lead to long term success. 
  3. Get Off the Grid– Take your core team away from the office, cell phones and emails for a full day to focus on one key element that will drive business growth and success. Your team members know your business better than anyone else (maybe even you!), but the day-to-day grind can be a hindrance to creative brainstorming and the sharing of innovative concepts that may prove to be low-hanging fruit that can drive short and long-term strategy and success.

Whether you sell financial services, yoga pants or widgets, strategic planning can make the difference between your business barely staying above water or full speed ahead. To optimize your business results, as CEO you will have to stay out of the weeds and make strategic planning your number one priority. Contact us, 360 Business Coach can help!

If you knew that your competitors engaged the smartest strategy consultant every year, would you just keep plugging away? …… Probably not.




Why Isn't Help a 4 Letter Word?

360 Biz Coach Sailboats

Why do we resist asking others for help? Does it mean that we are not strong, capable business leaders?

Why would we need help?  We are smart ... resourceful ... ambitious ... creative.  What else could we really need?  Do I really want to have a business coach?

I know that "things will get done faster" if I do them myself.  I know what I'm doing because I've "learned and practiced my art," right? 

As leaders, we are often used to operating very independently.  This can work very well for us, as well as the organizations we work with. However, I have learned it can also work against us! 

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What Is Business Psychology?



“Business Psychology is the study and practice of improving working life.  It combines an understanding of the science of human behavior with experience of the world of work to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organizations”

In today's business, I have always felt there is a strong connection with psychology.  Business success depends, for the most part, on skills in interacting with and understanding people. Whether you’re an employee, owner or manager, how you handle the psychology of your business and the ways in which you communicate with your team, will determine the outcome. True understanding of your employees comes from effective communication, and is always a plus. It helps when motivating and training them.  

See how 360 Business Coach can help your company capitalize on psychology in business.  Become a member today!


Are your people your greatest assets?

360 Busiess Coach Workforce

In our Information Age, the global economy has moved toward a Knowledge Economy/Knowledge Worker Age, where the majority of the added value for products and services comes from knowledge, rather than from raw materials.  Consider a computer chip.  The small amount of silicon that goes into this chip is a miniscule amount of its value. All of the value comes from the intelligence that makes the chip work.

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