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Entrepreneur Coaching A Collaberation

Sheila Boysen-Rotelli states it best in her book, Introduction to Professional Executive Coaching, coaching is a customized, individualized, one-to-one partnership in which there is a recognition that no two people are alike.  Each person has a unique knowledge base, learning pace, and learning style. Business Coaching helps CEOs learn, rather than teaching them. It’s a partnership of collaboration between the coach and client.  Coaching is co-active because it involves the active and collaborative participation of both the coach and the client”. Great business coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.” (ICF, 2017, para. 5).

What It Is Not

Business coaching is not therapy, because therapy focuses on psychopathology treatment.  Therapy strives to make the person whole, focusing on clients’ feelings, events, bringing unconscious to conscious and then assist with changing their behavior.  Business coaches work with mentally healthy clients, focusing on solving issues such as job performance and interpersonal skills. They work to move clients to a higher functioning level by focusing on the future and solving problems through action.

Business coaching is not consulting, because consulting occurs when a company retains another party for the purpose of diagnosing and, implementing solutions.  The difference with coaching is that the client is viewed as being capable of generating his or her own solutions, with the coach acting in a role that prompts self-discovery.

Business coaching is not mentoring because in the coaching relationship, the coach and the coachee are equals. They work together to help the client direct and explore his/her own learning.  Mentors are more experienced than their mentee and seen as wiser than the mentee.

Elements of advice, guiding, and training are part of most mentoring relationships. Coaching may be used as part of a mentoring engagement, but the role of the mentor extends outside of the coaching process.

Power of business coaching

The power of business coaching comes from the practice of powerful questioning to help the clients and the organization realize a level of success that they would not be able to reach on their own.  Effective business coaching is a transformational process where the coach is the catalyst and the client gains awareness around solutions, answers, and shifts that will help them to achieve goals and reach a state of thriving.  Coaches carry out client’s agenda, not their own.

Research from the Corporate Leadership Council (2013) shows that “coaching can provide a high return-on-investment (ROI) and satisfaction rate” (CLC, 2013). The council cites a study conducted by Metrix Global, LLC on a Fortune 500 telecommunications firm that reported an ROI of 529%.

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