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Welcome and thank you for coming to 360businesscoach.com!  360 Business Coach is a professional business coaching company, that provides phone and video conference support.

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It's easy to learn more about 360. Take a look around our website to discover what 360 BC is about. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


About 360 Business Coach:

“In the past two years, working with 360 Business Coach has enabled us to increase our revenues 90%. This has been an incredible return on our investment! We highly recommend her.”- JD Morris LLC

Which program is right for you?

Working with 360 Business Coach currently offers two methods for you to get started:

One to One

360 Business Coach provides measured, one-to-one, zoom and phone conference coaching for a concentrated set amount of time. Your dedicated time with 360 BC allows you to create a breakthrough plan of action and determine simple yet direct steps to reach your goal.

Transform your business today by reaching out to 360 BC for a free brief one-to-one.  In this time, we will decide together how 360 BC can best assist you.  

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Zoom Peer Groups

360 BC Peer Group allows business owners to band together to solve common business issues. This group will:

  1. Act as a sounding board or informal board of advisors.
  2. Hold you accountable to your goals.
  3. Allow access to other’s experiences and best practices.
  4. Be fun.

In addition to peer group meetings, you will also benefit from one-to-one business coaching with 360 BC.

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Our Mission

The 360 BC mission is to accelerate entrepreneurs’ business growth in ways that are measured and sustainable over time.


Our Values

360 Business Coach knows the value of making improvements to your business model for maximum profitability.


Our Solution

Building a great team strategy that is designed to outpace your competition while making your business less dependent on the owner.

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